Saturday, October 22, 2016

This is what happens when you read STR articles and believe what it says

This is exactly what happens when anyone reads a bullshit-filled STR / Alex Tan Zhixiang article and simply believes what it says without fact-checking.

The STR article by Alex Tan Zhixiang is written with lies and misleading half-truths which are intended to cause anger and provoke ill-feelings towards the Law Minister.

Have a read the comments under Hamish's first post. His friends were also reacting with anger, believing that the lies spread by STR was what the Minister had said.

Their reactions are the reason why race, as well as religious issues are still treated with extreme care in Singapore.

Racial sensitivity is the reason why the Editors of 'The Real Singapore' website  - Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi were arrested and charged under the Sedition Act for posting false articles which were intended to inflame racial relations and cause outrage between races in 2016.

It is also the same reason - religious sensitivity - why Amos Yee had to be taken to task for his videos which insulted various religions.

This is Hamish Brow's subsequent when he realises that he had been tricked by the falsehoods in the article from Alex Tan Zhixiang.

Here is the official SG Govt response here.
The Minister never said any of the things STR attributes to him. (22 Oct 2016) 
States Times Review (STR) article "Law Minister K Shanmugam: Eurasian Singaporeans are Indian" is a disgraceful fabrication. 
The Minister never said any of the things STR attributes to him. Indeed, he never said anything about Eurasians nor were there any questions posed to him about Eurasians at the IPS conference. 
It is malicious of STR to spread such vicious falsehoods, calculated to sow discord among our different ethnic groups. The Government will review STR's post and decide whether to take further action against STR.

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